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About Us

Red Warrior Nation was founded in November 2013 by Jani Roberts and Jonathan Roberts. It was born from the idea of taking personal responsibility for your workout through the R.E.D. Warrior® Fitness class created by Jani Roberts in 2012. The entire philosophy of the Company is to promote leading an empowered lifestyle. The program consists of R.E.D. Warrior® fitness classes to improve your physical and mental well-being, R.E.D. Warrior® Workshops to help you achieve excellence, Moving Meditations™ to enhance and improve your emotional state, and Inspirational Conversations™ to overcome your negative self-talk. With practice, you strengthen both your mind and body enabling you take personal responsibility for your success, focus on what is important to you, and develop a positive approach to dealing with life.

We believe in:

  • Achieving excellence: the state of being when your performance surpasses what was previously possible, mapping new territory and redefining who you are;
  • Being extraordinary: actively creating a future by taking a stand for who you are and what’s possible;
  • Living with integrity: being authentic and being true to yourself — a way of being and acting that shapes your life and opportunities;
  • Being committed and disciplined: the backbone and driving force of achievement;
  • Understanding: the power of your word, intentions and follow through can set new worlds in motion.

Redefine how you live your life.
Empower yourself to reach your potential.
Discover your inner-warrior.

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