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LIVE EVENTS – Masterclasses, Workshops, Certifications

Quiet Your Mind. Empower Your Body®.

R.E.D. Warrior® is a revolutionary experience fusing functional fitness and martial arts that works your total body and mind. Set to inspirational music, R.E.D. Warrior® allows men and women of all fitness levels to improve their cardio, strength, and agility, as well as their mental and emotional well-being. By moving between five minute rounds concentrating on yourself with 2 minutes of active recovery engaging others, you enhance your mental focus, discipline and agility while taking personal responsibility for the intensity of your workout. R.E.D. Warrior® leaves you feeling energized, engaged, and inspired.  There are many ways to experience R.E.D. Warrior® at LIVE events, including Masterclasses, Demos, Workshops, and Certifications.

R.E.D. WARRIOR® Special Events:
Masterclasses, Demos

What is the R.E.D. Warrior® Workout?
The R.E.D. Warrior® Workout is designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Taught in rounds followed by short periods of active recovery, the workout challenges the mind and body simultaneously. This is a practice, combining elements of martial arts and bootcamp-inspired movement along with functional fitness.  Our G.E.T.™ (Group Exercise Therapy) method includes motivational guidance to help participants overcome their self-imposed limitations and realize their potential both physically and mentally.  Special masterclasses events include a combination of R.E.D. Warrior® Workout #1 and Workout #2 with Jani Roberts, the founder of the program.  Demos include an introduction to K.I.D. Warrior® and other specialties.

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R.E.D. WARRIOR® Workshops:
Moving Meditations, R.E.D. Warrior® Fundamentals, Find your Inner Warrior

The R.E.D. WARRIOR® WORKSHOPS are designed for those who wish to focus on using R.E.D. Warrior® as a vehicle for self-improvement.

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Moving Meditations™ are short patterns of movement, each connected to an emotion and driven by music. Designed to realign or amplify energy, Moving Meditations enhance and improve emotional well-being. The Moving Meditations Workshop will break down these movements and provide tools to help you stay in alignment and deal with emotions on a daily basis.

This workshop is four hours of online and three to five hours of hands-on practice designed for those who wish to focus on using R.E.D. Warrior® as a vehicle for self-improvement. The workshop teaches you how to use the martial arts and bootcamp/military rounds to quiet your mind, achieve mental discipline, and change your self-perception. Each workshop will focus on a different set of martial arts styles and bootcamp/military routines infused with mind-body techniques, breaking down the movements and teaching proper form and alignment. You will become better at accomplishing the fitness routines, enhance your ability to be present in the moment, and become mindfully aware of your inner power.

The R.E.D. Warrior® Experience is a unique five-hour live training experience.  This is essentially a combination of the Fundamentals and the Moving Meditations™ workshops.  The course includes four hours of online pre-training modules that introduce the format and movement of the R.E.D. Warrior® workout.  The live portion of the training workshop introduces each round of the R.E.D. Warrior® workout – including a basic introduction to each form of martial art or military training/functional fitness that the workout movement is based on, plus a breakdown of the movement combinations in the workout, along with explanations about proper form and modifications.

This special workshop also includes an introduction to Moving Meditations™ and a Moving Meditations™ workshop.  R.E.D. Warrior® Moving Meditations  are short meditations based on martial arts practices set to music to enhance and improve your emotional well-being.  They are each based on an emotion, and are driven by music, combining music and movement in short bursts to realign or amplify energy.  In the Moving Meditations Workshop portion of the day, we will break down these movements and provide tools to help you stay in alignment and deal with emotions on a daily basis.

Going through the workshops will also give you access to a range of benefits, tools, and content.  The R.E.D. Warrior Workshops include:

  • Four hours of online modules (online access to personal training modules)
  • R.E.D. Warrior® Workout (Drills & Skills)
  • Limited access to the Moving Meditations™ library
  • The philosophy of R.E.D. Warrior® Nation of empowering yourself and others
  • The movement patterns of the R.E.D. Warrior® Workout
  • Learning the movement patterns from a personal perspective which is in alignment with our philosophy that you have to mind your own business and take ownership of your own workout.
  • How to overcome the negative self talk that may be limiting you in your everyday fitness routine.
  • Testimonial Tuesday and Warrior Wednesday Affirmations
  • Empowerment Facebook group
  • “Pay it forward” gift certificates to help others be inspired, empowered, and redefined.


The Red Warrior® Experience Certification is a training program for those who are interested in empowering and inspiring others by being able to teach the R.E.D. Warrior® Workout.  After completing one of the R.E.D. Warrior® Workshops, the next step on the R.E.D. Warrior® Certification journey is to join the Red Warrior Connection® and begin to study the modules and cueing techniques.  The certification teaches valuable information about the anatomy and science behind the movement to help people gain a deeper personal understanding of the workout.  It is open to all participants as well as instructors.  For instructors, videos must be submitted and a sign-off from the Company is required before anyone is able to teach the format.

Click here to register for a Workshop, the first step to an Instructor Certification


  • Certificate of completion
  • Ability to participate in the Red Warrior Connection

The RED Warrior Connection® is designed to provide you with guidance and mentorship. You will receive the following benefits for only $27 or $35/month:

  • Online access to the choreography in different learning styles;
  • Access to the music mixes (Workout #1, Workout #2, demo mixes, combination mixes)
  • Access to the Empowerment Cueing®
  • Unimited access to the Moving Meditations™ library, and a new Moving Meditation per month
  • Access to 24/7 streaming classes
  • Access to a streaming library of archived classes to choose from (REDEFINED Connection members only)
  • Two one-hour live conference calls per month with program founder Jani Roberts
  • Access to the RED Warrior Connection® Facebook group to build community and share ideas
  • Access to movement patterns of martial arts to hone your skills and develop new choreography
  • Access to “Build Your Own Nation” referral program to be rewarded for empowering others (REDEFINED Connection members only)
  • Ability to post your classes on the RED Warrior Nation website to help market your classes
  • Access to Red Warrior® University (training modules)
  • Ability to freeze membership (REDEFINED Connection members only)